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Now Available from Stagewright Films:

JUST SAY LOVE "the director's cut," including commentary by the writer and director

"MAKING LOVE," a behind the scenes look of how the movie was made

THE JUST SAY LOVE Companion, a pictorial essay on love and the law of attraction.

For more information, contact www.stagewrightfilms.com.

Do relationships start in the bedroom or in the heart?

Physical attractions appear to be the obvious explanation for two people becoming a pair, but are they really the reflection of something sublime and everlasting, and, dare we say, spiritual?

When Guy and Doug meet on a park bench it looks like their relationship can go nowhere but into bed. But it seems forces beyond their control have something else in mind...

Written for the stage by David J. Mauriello and now brought to the screen by emmy award winning Director/producer Bill Humphreys, Just Say Love was nominated as best new play by the Independent Reviewers of New England and the Spotlight on the Arts Awards (Portsmouth, NH).

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